SMILE UP HonorChem Eco-Cosme Awards

By combining the R&D concept of Sustainable Materials and Innovative Laboratories of Eco-Cosme (S.M.I.L.E), HonorChem has brought positive elements to the beauty industry and is committed to promoting safe and environmentally-friendly cosmetics in Taiwan. The SMILE UP Eco-Cosme awards are organized by HonorChem, domestic and foreign cosmetics professionals are invited, including well-known universities, scientific research units, and non-profit organizations (such as TAITRA and ITRI), to be advisors or cooperative units in order to ensure equality and fair evaluation during the competition, encouraging Taiwan’s beauty companies to participate and exchange experiences in the competition with positive, forward-thinking, and an open attitude.


The 1st SMILE UP HonorChem Eco-Cosme awards were held in 2018, and were the first in the industry to link industrial and academic resources. We focus on “brand owners”, “OEM and manufacturers”, “independent formulators”, and “students” in order to organize the “Taiwan TOP 10 SMILE UP Eco-Cosme Competition” and “SMILE UP Formula Design Competition”. Registration started in March, which attracted more than 60 teams of outstanding talents and products from various regions. In September, we have held the award ceremony at Kaohsiung Medical University “2018 International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetics Technology” for international exchanges, so that the innovation, vitality and cohesion of Taiwan’s cosmetics are witnessed by experts and scholars from all over the world.


The 2nd SMILE UP HonorChem Eco-Cosme awards were organized in cooperation with TAITRA in the 2019 TAIWAN BEAUTY INT'L SHOW, and the awards ceremony was held on September 19, 2019 at the Taipei World Trade Center. The show attracted many domestic and foreign visitors with the theme of “Taiwan Smile Cosmetics”, providing a global platform to successfully helping Taiwanese cosmetic products to be promoted, with a well recognized event praised by all sectors.


The HonorChem Eco-Cosme Awards will plan be held annually in cooperation with TAITRA in the TAIWAN BEAUTY INT'L SHOW. Each year, the participants can enjoy a 20% discount for setting up workshops at the TAIWAN BEAUTY INT'L SHOW, and Taiwan Top 10 winners will have the opportunity to join the "One-to-one Biz-match Meetings" for overseas buyers to generate more benefits for the industry. We sincerely invite you to participate in this grand event.