Cosmetic Formula Competition

 Can I participate in both the Sustainable Materials Team and Innovative Laboratories Team?

Yes, but only one formula is allowed to be registered for one team, and different formulas are required if you wish to participate in two teams at the same competition.

 Do I have to use HonorChem's raw materials? Can I select raw materials from other suppliers?

Certainly, there are no restrictions for the brand of raw materials, but attention is needed on whether the raw materials meet the design principles of the competition team (e.g. the Sustainable Formulas Team shall use raw materials that have the relevant natural/organic certificates).

 Will my designed products be arbitrarily published, copied, or used for other purposes?

Your product will only be used for the assessment during the SMILE UP competition. In addition, the appearance, materials, and R&D concept of the winning products will be introduced during the awards ceremony or exhibitions and seminars for public communication purposes, and shall be disclosed on the official website of the SMILE UP HonorChem Eco-Cosme Awards. The organizer will not arbitrarily disclose your formula without your consent.

 Can products already on the shelves register for the formulation competition?

Yes, and we welcome products to be registered without year limits.

 Why must the product complete a stability test before it is delivered to the competition? Do I need to attach certificates and documents?

During the three months before the application deadline until the awards ceremony, samples with any deterioration or separation shall be discarded as it will affect the assessment.  Since the finalists may be publicly displayed during the awards ceremony and exhibition, please complete the stability test before delivering the samples. No attachments are required.

Taiwan Top 10 

 Is there a limited number of products to be registered by the same company?

A company can register up to 3 different products for the competition. The scores are independent between products, which shall be unrelated with each other. We welcome you to register for different types or sub-brands of Taiwan Top 10.

 My product is a combination of multiple series, can it participate in only one series in the competition as a single product?

Yes, but registration for one series shall consist of no more than 4 commodities, which will be regarded as a single product. For example, a Facial Kit may include day cream, night cream, and eye cream from the same beauty development project, or a shampoo set may include shampoo and conditioner. A hand cream may include different fragrances or color packaging. These can be considered as a single product.

Are products apart from those are already on shelves in Taiwan or physical channels also allowed to register for the competition?

 The cosmetics legally established and registered in Taiwan and developed from Taiwan cosmetics makers are all allowed to register for the competition, even if it is exported or legally sold on the e-platform instead of Taiwan’s physical channels..

For Student

  I am an undergraduate due to graduation in June. Can I also register for the student team?

Yes, you can. Also, there are no restrictions on the grade level of students. You can participate in the competition individually, or invite masters or university students to join as a team which must be led by the mentor.

Is there a limit on the number of participants?

Each student team shall consist of no more than 4 participants. (excluding the instructor)

Other Questions

What is the spirit of SMILE? How is it related to competition items of each team?

Sustainable Materials and Innovative Laboratories of Eco-Cosme(永續原料、創新實驗室和友善化粧品)
S.M.I.L.E is the abbreviation of Sustainable Materials and Innovative Laboratories of Eco-Cosme, with three categories including sustainable raw materials and innovative raw materials team in the formula design competition, and Taiwan Top 10. The competition will have different weighted scores. Please refer to the relevant rules of each competition team for details.

What is the definition of S.M.I.L.E? How should I elaborate it in my R&D concepts?

We suggest that you provide the R&D concepts based on the team you register, which includes Sustainability (natural/organic/sustainable raw materials), Innovation (including innovative raw materials, technological processes, product efficacy or new user experience), Safety (in compliance with cosmetics safety labels and regulations, with clear and transparent information on the production source in order to protect consumers), Environmentally-friendly (friendly to the environment, recyclable, non-polluting, etc), and attach the relevant certification or documents as a reference for the assessment committee.