WISCHA 薇采星 深層保濕水嫩面膜



The WISCHA Super-smart Microcurrent Series is a skincare set that provides a 12-minute highly efficient skincare session home, consists of three parts: Smart Skincare Device, Induced Sheet Mask and Smart APP. The APP will record your every skincare progress, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your skin condition.

The conductive circuit is printed on the patch in the form of a silver totem. When microcurrent is output through the conductive point by the Smart Skincare Device, the microcurrent is conducted to the patch through the silver-totem conductive circuit, which leads the serum deep into the skin.

As the core of WISCHA, the Smart APP possesses rich and powerful functions. You can select the skincare method and mode based on your personal preference and schedule, and see the curve chart records before and after the skincare, decoding the key data for your skin. You can use the reminder function for your skincare schedules, as smart technologies bring you better experiences. WISCHA saves your time for skincare sessions, keeping you glamorous and attractive.