AKIMIA 3A終極喚新乾式微電流面膜



AKIMIA is dedicated to solving skin care problems through the application of technology. With innovative printing technology, our microcurrent sheet mask goes beyond traditional skin care effectiveness.

In 2023, AKIMIA once again uses technology to enhance home care by launching a new type of "dry mask"-ELECTRORENEW, which is the brand's first product to enter into completely sustainable environmental practices, that is more effective and environmentally friendly. Its biggest feature is the integration of dry batteries and highly concentrated ingredients, which are synchronously printed onto the sheet mask, making the formula more potent and stable.


ELECTRORENEW aims to solve three main problems with traditional face masks:

  1. Microcurrent maintenance to enhance absorption
  2. Water-free high-performance maintenance ingredients
  3. Reduce the carbon footprint in the transportation and packaging of the skincare industry in response to climate change. It also completely abandons the pollution and non-recyclability of aluminum and composite materials.