AYSWE 愛蕊友肌- 極光透亮二合一洗卸蜜



This effective yet gentle 2-in-1 makeup eraser and cleanser dissolves makeup, dirt and excess sebum effortlessly. It contains mineral-rich copper complex natural malachite that remove dead skin cells and impurities without dehydrating the skin, helping the rest of your skincare product work better. Reveal smooth and glowing skin from the start of your routine!

Designed to target all skin types. This high-performance cleanser gel contains a potent hydrating & repairing complex of ocean-sourced ingredients and minerals. Botryocladia Leptopoda (red seaweed) extract is grown locally in purest east Taiwan, developed as an international allowed cosmetic ingredients in INCI datebase by Taiwan’s national innovation system, ITRI, Industrial Technology Research Institute. Codium Tomentosum (green seaweed) and Trehalose are fantastic for hydrating and toning skin. Provides an antioxidant rich boost of marine extracts for plump, healthy looking skin.

Dry Use for Makeup Removal- Apply 1-2 pumps on face and gently massage in upward and outward motions to remove makeup. Rinse with water.

Wet Use as Face Wash- Apply 1-2 pumps and use on wet skin. Lather up, massage on face and rinse thoroughly.